The Rescue Mission

Strike at the Heart : The Rescue Mission

1st Edition

Strike at the Heart : The Rescue Mission

2nd Edition

Colonel John Harris, U.S. Army Special Forces, goes back in time to retrieve the men he left behind – especially Captain Jerome Roundtree, his Lakota Sioux blood-brother. He must retrieve or replace Nomi’s handmaids by order of Mutwa, the tribal shaman. But someone or something is preventing them from getting past Mount Kenya. Some blame it on the ghost of Harris’s adversary, Mhalglami. Some blame it on the land gone wild. Either way he must get everyone to the extraction point IF he is to see Nomi again in this world.

Usa, born of the rape of her Teri mother by a Masai warrior, longs for a world where her mixed heritage does not matter. Although promised from childhood to N’Grundbligimi, their marriage is blocked after the murders of her parents. She longs for a world where she can be free to pursue her dreams. But does such a world exist?

N’Grundbligimi, almost beheaded as a boy, grows to become the Teri War Chief and protector of the King’s cattle. Although forbidden to marry Usa by powerful forces from both within and outside the tribe, he is determined to follow her to a world where they can free to marry – even if it means his life.