The First Mission

Strike at the Heart : The First Mission

1st Edition

Strike at the Heart : The First Mission

2nd Edition

Captain John Harris, special forces A team leader, finds himself in a strange and unknown world when his convoy encounters a time gate in the middle of East Africa. He struggles to keep everyone together in spite of the attempts of Colonel David Walsh, MD, to assume command.

Just before leaving for Africa, Harris received a “Dear John” letter from his fiancée, Morning Star. His second in command and blood brother, Captain Jerome Roundtree, a Lakota Sioux, is Morning Star’s cousin. Harris is determined to get back to rectify his relationship with Morning Star. But he needs boats to reach the extraction point in time and he does not have any.

Nomi is an African princess who lives in the year 4000 BC. She dreams of a big, strong warrior rescuing her from their hated enemy, the Masai. But when her father has dreams about her and the tribal shaman says that she must marry the warrior from the North who defeated the Masai and leave her tribe or else her people will die, she learns how hard it can be living dreams.